The club

Deeside Ice Skating Club meets throughout the year and runs sessions on Wednesday evening 6.00pm until 7.30pm and Sunday morning 9am until 10.30pm.  Club sessions are open to all skaters who have achieved Skate UK Grade 8 or above. At Deeside Ice Skating Club we take a proactive approach to the skating of all its members adopting a professional, skater focused strategy with the aim to help all skaters achieve their personal goals. The Club hold regular competitions throughout the year for its members and also provide coached sessions.  Our highlight of the year and something we are very proud of year in and year out is our annual show – this is an extravaganza of our members skating and performance skills and something we encourage all our full members to participate in.  The show proves to be an overwhelming success each year and helps build on the strong bonds our members have. So if you are Skate UK Grade 8 or above and are looking for a progressive but fun club then look no further, you have found it right here!  All FULL members receive a FREE Club Fleece! Our club is run by a committee of volunteers along with some very helpful parents, so if you are interested in helping in any way and can spare some time please come and see a committee member at one of the club sessions who will be more than happy to help with any queries you may have.




Jo-Anne Murray

Vice Presidents

Simon Lawton-Hayes & John Haime

Chair Person

Jo Gillmore

Vice Chair Person

Joanne Jones


Sherry Lester


Simon Robinson

Committee Members

Steph Salusbury, Laura St. John Williams, Chloe Lawton Hayes, Dawn Davies, Lorraine Owen, Jayne Ratcliffe, Tracy Carbery, Diane Carbery, Sian Hoole and Jon Brookin.

Welfare Officers

Jo Gillmore, Jo Jones, Fiona Robinson and Lynne Gillmore.

How to Join Deeside Ice Skating Club

Joining couldn’t be simpler! Firstly, you are entitled to Two free taster sessions on a club session that suits you (please bring your pass card to show that you are Skate UK Grade 8 or above), once you have skated twice and you are ready to join there are two types of membership you can apply for:

mbFull                 Associate

  Application forms can be printed off below, please bring your form along with your pass card to show that you are Skate UK Grade 8 or above and hand to a committee member at one of the club sessions. Ice membership form 2017 – 2018 Membership Fees 2016-2017 Membership Fees 2016-2017 5 Standing Order Form 2014-2015 If you have any queries regarding the club or membership please visit our contact us section.  

Club Rules and Guidelines

To view a copy of the Club’s Constitution, Code of Conduct and Child Protection Policy please see the below documents:

Rules and constitution Code of Conduct – 140508

First Aid on the Ice

The committee would like to remind all members that when there is a serious fall on the ice and it appears that an individual may be injured, the situation MUST be assessed by a Deeside Leisure Centre designated First Aider.  It is vital that immediate contact is made with a member of Deeside Leisure Centre staff when an incident as such occurs. Any intervention of any type prior to the arrival of a designated First Aider must be kept to an absolute minimum to sustain the well-being of the injured person.  Intervention in excess of this will result in the Leisure Centre staff deeming that another person has taken control of the situation and they will then NOT take the lead for First Aid purposes at that point. In particular it is important not to lift or move an injured person unless that this is absolutely in their best interest. Remember: You can do more harm than good by moving somebody who is injured.  In the vast majority of cases it is best to ensure that the injured person is accompanied at all times whilst waiting for the First Aider to arrive, they will then assess the situation and determine how the injured person is to be treated and moved.